Scaling an imported .dae

I created a rolling rack in Microstation V8i (Select 2), applied materials there, exported it into Sketchup and them exported it as a Collada .dae file. This file I imported into Blender.

It’s a screwed up way to get it from MS but nothing else works right now. If anybody knows of a better way, please post it.

Now that I have this file into Blender, I cannot get it to scale. When I attempt to scale it, the object moves like it’s being scaled but the size doesn’t change. It’s most likely either due to the goofy importing method or I didn’t drink enough coffee this morning and missed a setting.

Please help. I cannot attach the blend file due to it being 1.8 megs. The version I’m using is 2.53. The coffee I’m drinking is Folgers out of a 24 oz mug with a very cranky Donald Duck on it. Last I checked I was wearing pants. Please help, I’m going nuts.