scaling and rotating materials

Hi all, As this is my first post after learning so much from all of u ,hello and thank you so very much! U probably understand that I am a very new blender user trying to find my way in the program. I have been trying to scale and rotate a wooden material I found on a shape I made, without success. As I am so new to all of it, I am not sure I gave all the required information-hoping someone understands me, and would be able to help me by a link to a solution or a very simplified answer. Thanx Itamarbu

You can scale a texture by using the Map Input panel and the size options found there. Take a look at . One way to rotate the texture is to use Object as the mapping type. In this case you create an empty that represents the way the object is mapped. So rotating this object, rotates the texture as well.

It is possible to do these operations using material nodes too. In this case you need to use the mapping node. You can find an example of this at .

You can also scale and rotate the texture space. If I remember correctly it is T-Key in Object mode will show the texture space which you can then manipulate like any other object. This does not work when using UV Mapping.

As far as I know t supports only translation and scaling of texture space. It doesn’t have rotate option.

You are correct rotating is not supported