Scaling Faces by Proximity Using Geometry Nodes

Hello all, this is my first post here. I have used Houdini for many years. The everything nodes plan for Blender peaked my interest and here I am.

I am scaling faces by proximity using geometry nodes but I would like to scale the faces uniformly from the individual faces center instead of having the faces distort. How could I achieve this?



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I am suffering with the same problem. Are you still didn’t find a solution?

This particular problem I’d solve by using instances, but I am not sure whether this would also solve your end goal (doesn’t really work on arbitrary meshes, though):

Blender 3.1 alpha

instance_scale.blend (127.1 KB)


Here’s my take on this (using 3.0 beta)

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Yeah, thanks for reply but that’s not what I want. In my case I want to scale each face by individual origin. Like “Primitive” node in Houdini. And after it I want to add some objects to every face centers. Also I use noise to deform surface and I think I cannot use instances in this case. On the second screenshit you can see what I want.

Thanks for the reply, but I want to scale every faces on the mesh proportionally and by the face centers.

This setup might help


I don’t understand, that’s what my setup does, or am I missing something?

How I see your setup scales faces by distance to the sphere. But I am looking for node that can scale each face individually. On the grid it works, but if I want to use it on another shape? Maybe I could enlarge that sphere very much, but this is not a good solution for me.

Ok, I misunderstood the request. Not sure if I now understand it though (english is not my first language). You mean something like this?


Thank you for reply! This is super close to what I want. But one problem. If I edit scale value in that node, all grid scales up and I need to change another value to compensate for this. I want to scale the polygons and have them stand still. Only the gap increased.

OMG, YESSS! That was so simple, thank you very much! This is my final node three.
Also english is not my first language too :sweat_smile:


Maybe this will be more beautiful and will help someone else