Scaling from origin point

I see couple times that people scale couple object without distortion. In Blender 2.7xxx was icon which allow to scale - move objects without distortion. Unfortunately no one say name of this function, I try couple things, but result was always distorted mesh. I guess that this function was present in Blender 2.8-2.9 but can not find this. I know that this simple, and probably posted before, but can not find here or on the internet. Thanks in advance

That button would enable/disable auto merge. Not sure where it is located in 2.8+, will have to check when i get home.

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If you hover over that with the mouse blender labels it “Manipulate Center Points”, don’t know why they call it center points and not origin. You can get to that in 2.8x in the options menu, in object mode. In edit mode, incidentally, that is where Auto-Merge is located.



a59303, that is. In fact I need to affect location, if I choose origin, this will be two step process ( second step-Geometry to origin ). Very useful feature,

Well… I’m glad I showed you where it was.

Is this what you need?