Scaling multiple objects, Apply scale --> Cannot apply to multi user object

Hey folks,
I´ve downloaded a model and need to scale it to fit my needs. Problem is, the model consists of hundreds of objects with dozens of modifiers and curves and most of them cloned (linked) copies of one another.

I need to scale the thing as a whole single object but the guy didnt seem to have applied scale on all the sub objects. So all objects scale differently.

Tried selecting all objects (a) and applying scale (crtl+a) but get “Cannot apply to a multi user object” on dozens of objects. Trying to scale the engine from this file
Any ideas on how to scale it uniformly?

Thanks ahead guys

do this:

  • select all the instanced objects by selecting one object than SHIFT+L >>> Object Data
  • with all the objects selected press U anche choose “object & data”
  • now you can apply the scale using CTRL+A

if you want to recreate the instances:
-keep all your objects selected and press CTRL+L >>> Object Data.



can I know, press U for which menu items ? I am using Blender 2.8rc3 and it does not work with press U.

**I found in 2.8rc3, it’s the menu Object > Relation > Make Single User > “then we choose from the list”
But seem it work only on 1 object even multiple linked objects selected. How can I unlink multiple selected objects ?


did you ever find out how to do this?

did test in 2.79 and 2.9
just select all objects and Ctrl-A
and it will apply scale to all objects !

if not working then elaborate so we can better understand what you mean !

happy bl