Scaling multiple "sub-objects" on individual axes?

Hey all,

So, I have an object, that is made up of a bunch of smaller objects joined together (“sub-objects” is what they were called in 3dsmax). My problem is not selecting each of the subobjects, but scaling them.

In 3dsmax, each of the joined subobjects, IIRC, maintained their own pivot point. So, you could select each of the individual subobjects, and if you scaled them locally, each of the little subobjects would scale from their own origin/pivot/whatever.

So, here is my issue. My object is basically a metal hinge. It has a BUNCH of little cylinders stacked on top of each other (probably 30), so it is EXTREMELY unwieldy to work with as 30 separate objects for each hinge, thus joining them together. However, they are each individually too big and too close together.

This could easily be solved in Max by selecting all 30 objects and scaling in Z-axis with their origins set to local. Each cylinder would get shorter, contracting to their own individual centers, and thus away from each other.

However, in Blender, it seems they only recognize the origin of the overall larger conglomeration of objects, not their own individual origins they possessed before joining them together.

It there ANY way to avoid having to scale them individually? I am aware I probably should have done them as an Array, as then I could scale one and thus scale them all. But that takes away the power to scale each one to my liking if need be. This could be solved if there was any way to scale from the center of each linked object, but I am not seeing any way to do this.

Thanks guys/gals

If they are all separate objects, just select all the objects press . choose individual origins THis will make sure that each object will be rotated around its own set pivot/origin point.

If it is a combined objects, goto edit mode p -> by loose parts then exit edit mode -> Object -> Set Origin -> Origin to Geometry FInally use the step above to to set to individual origins.

So, essentially your method is to temporarily split the objects back up to regain the individual origins? Is there any way to avoid this process?

I never really understood Blender’s old grouping system because I was so used to the way Max did grouping with its sub-objects system. Is there any way you know of to “group” objects together in a way that works kind of like “joining” them in the sense that when you select the group, it selects the group as a whole, until you “open” the group back up to get at the individual objects?

Thanks for the assistance. The method above isn’t so crazy that it’s unusable. It would just be nice to not have to split all the objects apart.