Scaling objects and Zooming fidelity question.

I keep over-looking this things in Blender, but I’d like to find a solution. That is, when I scale an object using the manipulator, or zoom using the middle mouse, when you get to the place that is close and you want to refine the amount of zoom (or scale), it seems to be locked to whole values or something, so precise zoom is clunky at smaller values. Is there a global setting that allows me to refine the size of movement at smaller sizes. With scale for example, I know I can go into the objects scale values and input values, but scale doesn’t link the XYZ, so it is hard to do this easily. I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.

I fail to replicate any issues like that and I am not sure I understand you correctly. It seems zoom works fine and smooth as it is. At least in 2.78 and 2.79. Zooming gets locked at some point because the precision of Blender’s variables and values is not infinite and if something was being worked on a really small scale, information would be lost during various operation because of rounding of really small values. One should change the units of the scene in order to work on small scale objects instead so the available precision is enough. You should never need to work on something of scales close to 0.00001 of a unit.

With scale, the issue is most apparent if using the white ring in the center of the scale tool. It is more precise if I use the top left tabs Scale tool or even using “S” for scale.
The Zoom with middle mouse tends to jump in increments as I roll the scroll wheel, which also rotates physically in incremental clicks (not smooth), perhaps Blender is just following the specific mouse I use, but don’t all mice do this anyway?
It’s okay, I can just adjust using the other options available.

It would be nice if we could link all 3 XYZ scale values when scaling in the value fields.

If you place the mouse cursor further away from the scaling pivot point before hitting s it will be a bit more precise because the distance the mouse travels from it’s position to the scaling pivot must represent 100% to 0% of the object’s scale. Also if you hold shift after the scaling operation has started it gives you extra precision. The scroll wheel just works this way, but you can also ctrl+middleclick to zoom. That seems smooth.

Oh wow, that works great. Thanks.


That’s one weird quirk of Blender. Love it when I think about it, hate it when it actually happens. LOL

you can always set object location scale and dimensions in the N panel !

happy bl

Also not sure if you know as well that when you are scaling or moving anything in Blender (and even value sliders) if you hold down the shift key while doing so it will move in smaller more precise increments. And as far as zooming you can hold down the the Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button and then it will zoom more smoothly as well.