Scaling thickness of curved wall


How can I easily scale the thickness of a wall without distorting the topology of my vertecies? Or how to preserve the angles and only scale the edges in x and y direction?

Find enclosed an example. The left is the original version, with clean topology I think and the right one is the scaled version. What I want is the original which is only a little thinner. I tried different scaling techniques and the right version is the best result I got. Hopefully you can help me.


thanks for the fast response. I will test these suggestions as soon as possbile

Maybe use the Solidify Modifier.

I am new to Blender, so my suggestion may not work.

Should work just fine, as long the object scale is uniform (should be 1,1,1 anyway) and the face normals are consistent.

Along with other suggestions another way to do this is to use “Individual Origins” for the transform center and instead of moving it “Global” move it on “Normal”. These are all in the 3D view along the bar on the bottom.

NOTE: In this mode you can’t pick 2 poly’s that make a corner. If you are modeling thickness from the top view, your axis along the normal will Z. So you will hit, G, Z, Z to make a poly move along the normal. Then, you’ll have to select and place corners individually.