Scaling whole animated scene - all objects/bones without spreading?

Again a question! :grimacing:

I made animated, walking, “spider” with tutorial of Polyfjord.

Now I tried to append it to other project, but this size is huge. I tried to get it smaller, by selecting all (pivot points: invidual origins), but something in rig is not scaling down.

  • I think it is possible to animate this again in pose mode, but is there any way to only get ALL smaller size?

I tried unit-scale (setting-window in first screenshot) 10% and after that saved project. But when appending the size was exact the same :roll_eyes:.

Those are the hooks. Try this: snap the cursor to the object and press this:

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Thanks :palms_up_together:t4:, I tried, hook path are disappearing when pressing “recenter” for all hooks. But still animation is going wrong, it goes up and down and legs are odd positions. So is the only solve to animate this all again? No way to get all smaller?

If your rig has a master controller, you should “just” be able to scale it down to fit the scene. But this depends on specificities of how the rig was built.

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OK, I went through the video and this is the solution I believe. Put the Armatures in a collection (insect-armature), put the building meshes and curves into another collection(insect-build), put them both (click and drag) into another collection (insect). Save. New file, append, import collection insect, deactivate that collection, Shift a > Collection Instance > insect. Scale at will.

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WOW! It really WORKS! Amazing! I am so gratefull for You! :clap:t4: :raised_hands:t4: Thanks so much, this helped A LOT, God blessings!