Scanning Electron Microscope Effect

Hi Blender dudes!

I would like to know how to achieve the effect related in the toppic.

I’ve been already at, so please dont send me there :wink:

Im feeling it has something to do with ramps?


i haven’t read the tut, but the way i know of is to use strong backlighting, and put a negative lamp directly in front of your camera.

I don’t know what was in that tutorial (the link is dead for me), but are you looking for something like this?
There are no lights in the scene. The model has the default material with a procedural texture to give it that glow as follows.

F6->Add a Blend texture, set it to Sphere.
F5->Map Input settings are Nor, Flat, and in the grid from top to bottom select Blank, Blank, Z.
Map To settings: Emit only. Set blending mode to Add.
F8->Set the world color to black. Turn on Ambient Occlusion. Set samples to 4 for a grainier effect.
F10-> Make sure Ray is on. Render.

I think that’s all.