Image for the contest on Blender Coockie:


Very good, love the textures, and pretty much everything good job!

What is it rendered in, BI?


very nice texturing

Good one.
Well done!

Wow! Good work Anfeo!
Io tifo per te!!

Some news from this image:
I won the blendercoockie conteste :smiley:

and the image is in the 3d total gallery:

and in the gallery of 3d Creative magazine 087 of November.

Sorry for this autocelebration, but my ego need it :smiley:

…and you deserve it! Nice work.
Congratulations :slight_smile:

congratulations Anfeo! Well done! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Great work.

I saw this a couple weeks ago on blendercookie and was impressed, congratulations on the recognition! I specially like the subtle touches on the rendering that makes the textures look so crispy and somewhat realistic. Also, the image reminded me a bit of Dark Night of the Scarecrow, good horror flick.

Look great! Very scary.

Very cool and creepy! Great job

Great render, the materials look so good.

The textures are amazing! Also, if you think of that big wrinkle as a mouth, it kind of looks like a turtle (or maybe it’s just me).

I like it! If you added a few horror features and made it a bit darker, i think it would be a cool horror scene…

I like this image, though I’m not sure if it is funny or scary. I just watched “Scarecrow” the movie - probably the worst movie ever, stay away from it!

That’s pretty sick. Good job dude.

Ahah creepy as hell ! Maybe a tad bit too lit, but we’d probably lose too much of the details of your work with too few lighting

Awesome stuff! =) Kinda scary tough! hehe.But i think that’s the purpose of it! :slight_smile:

congrats! well done! pretty scary though :slight_smile: