I started this project a couple of days ago. I’m trying to kick my bad habits in head modeling. I seem to make the same mistakes with each head without realizing it. I’m doing all right so far. Also, my heads tend to each look the same, with a slight resemblence to the person I’m modeling. With this one, I started out modeling key features, especially the prominent cheekbones and nose, though the nose could use some work. Also the lips need work. The ears I’m using are the same ones I used last time because creating ears is very frustrating to me, but I’ll probably stop being lazy for this one and make new ears.

I have most of the head modeled, aside from the problems I have mentioned, along with some others that I haven’t mentioned. It still doesn’t look exactly like Pacino, but it’s getting closer. Here it is:

Feel free to comment or crit. Thanks.

I made a few changes and added eyes/eyelashes before going to bed:

It looks pretty good so far. Can you post some wireframes?

I started texturing him and worked on the mesh a little more. There is a glaring ridge on his nose that needs to be smoothed yet. I’ve been working on the lighting so hard that I have a headache(I’m not sure if the lighting was the cause, though), and I’m going to take a break. roofoo, I’ll upload a wireframe later on, either tonight or tomorrow. Here’s the update:

Comments and crits would be very helpful, especially about the lighting.

This isn’t a big update, but I solved a big problem. His eyes were too far apart. Also I began working on the stubble. Sorry roofoo, I’m kinda in a hurry and I don’t have the wireframe. Tomorrow I will. Here’s the update:

I worked on the mesh mostly. It’s getting there, I mean, it’s by no means perfect, but it’s getting there. I need to make the eyebrows wider, and I need to fix his left eye, which looks like it’s facing inward. I also need to finish the color map so I can start the bump and spec maps. Here’s the update:

Feel free to comment and crit.

Here’s another update. I might move this to the focused critique section so I can get some more help. Here’s the update:

Comments and crits are still welcome.

Now, don’t hit me, but I really don’t think it looks like Pacino. I can’t really tell you why, seeing as I don’t have a reference pic. The texturing needs a little more detail. But overall a good head!

your losing a lot of the likeness in the lips and eyes. Also maybe revist the way your nose flows into the face

any chance you would let me use it to try out my skin shader?

Thanks for the replies.

Framedworld: Haha, I know it doesn’t. That’s why I need help. I’m not worried about the texture because it isn’t even halfway done. I stopped in the middle of making it to work on the mesh. Now it looks more like him, but it still doesn’t look like him. Al Pacino is hard to make because he looks different in every picture. The funny thing is, when I compare my head to one of my reference images, the eyes are very close. But overall, they just don’t look like his eyes. I think I’ll have to watch clips from Scarface so I can get a better “eye-dea”(haha…idea…get it?)

jessegp: Thanks for the reply. The lips do need a lot of work. Going back to the whole looking different in every picture thing, in the image you posted, the nose looks shorter than the nose in my model, but in another picture, it’s longer.

Framedworld again: I don’t know about that. If you want, you can ask me again when the model is done, but I’m not sure yet.

I think I’m going to post this in the Focused Critique section so I can get some specific feedback. I’ll post a link to the thread when I put it there. Thanks again for the replies.

I’ve done a little more work. I worked on the proportions of the face and worked on the eyes a little. I think they look a little more like him, but still I’m having trouble. I’m posting here again because for some reason I can’t get into the Focused Critique section. Maybe they’re working on the site or something. Well, anyway, here’s an update:

Final update for tonight: