Scarlet Macaw

Absolutely incredible. I personally wouldn’t say the scene is too clean, I think the issue is the depth of field is too strong and it feels a little unnatural. Some in and out of focus leaves really close up then a big blur in the back…bringing some detail back in all of those areas with a less intense blur would make everything seem a little less “placed” and more “in place”, if that makes sense. Thank you for sharing this incredible piece!

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Wow. Very nice :smiley:

To my unrefined eye, at a first glance this looked perfect. I agree with kennyscott’s assessment in that the depth of field is too strong.

Pretty bird and nicely done picture.
A bit of noice in the air and a tad bit fuller wings, mostly at the upper part by the parrots head, is what could be improved on. Not needed but there is the places I think could be worked on if you like.

Wow, this looks really great. Nice modeling, nice composition, nice color.
I agree, that the shading could be improved by some texture maps, but overall a great job!

I aks myself how you made the model. Is it possible to get some insights?

wow Beautiful work !

Nice modeling. are u using sculpting? how to make the feathers?

very nice work

Wow, great job. I always like photorealism. Also suggest a bit of blur or something like it on the macaw to slightly soften the sharp lines of the feathers. I wish I could do it this well though. I will have to try something like this some time. Thanks for finishing it.