"Scary Bathroom" - Painterly look study

Here is the Artstation post containing the same images.

I was inspired by a Nuke tutorial on how to convert an existing 3D scene to a paintbrush. Unfortunately, the necessary nodes are blocked behind the license. Within Blender, there’s not enough features and information in the render passes to implement this the exact same way in the compositor. I bought the Blender Illustration Shader on the market, but unfortunately it had to be applied per-object and would be a pain to add onto an existing scene. So, in my Thanos-stubborn “Fine, I’ll do it myself” mindset, I recreated this within geometry nodes, using an old scene of mine as a template.

All procedural. No AI. No changes to the original objects or materials. Rendered in Eevee at 128 samples.

Here’s my original “Scary Bathroom”, for comparison.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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