Scattaring object with particles systems on them already?


I have created some tree variations, they have two particles systems that scatters twigs and leafs.
When I try to scatter the trees the particles systems do not render. Only the “naked” tree.

Does anyone know if this is a known limitation or just a bug?

It works then i scatter the trees by hand, by creating Collection instance objects via the Shift + A menu.

This is a limitation, Blender doesn’t allow you to have nested particle systems. However you can try this tutorial as a workaround.

Thanks you for the answer. I think I will go about and write a simple Python script to scatter Collection instances manually. Might become handy until this limitation is gone.

You’re welcome. The particle system is in the process of being rewritten from scratch, with everything done in the node editor, so we can hope that nested particle systems will be possible.