Scatter 5.1

Once blender 3.0 is out i could upload a patch if legacy users wants to :slight_smile:

Somehow your camera is causing the geometry node tree to recalculate each frame.

@valera Ok I’ll fix this asap thanks for the report

I guess my question is more about using it now.

@BD3D A question about the discount: the price I see now is already discounted or it will be discounted during the purchasing?

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Hey folks, Scatter5 is available for pre-orders at a discount 99$ → 79$
A free version for hobbyists, with less features, is coming too :slight_smile:


Meanwhile we wit for the final release, is it possible to tweak the scatter objects we used in a project?
I’ve a test scene and now the “Scatter” panel seems greyed out and unusable.
Is it correct as it’s finished the beta testing?

Are there any News about new assets for scatter 5 Pro?

Beta is over

I do NOT advise to use a WIP version of our work on a daily basis but if you need to

About Scatter5 OpenBeta:
The beta of Scatter5 is officially over, thanks for trying it out!
I do not advise using an unfinished work-in-progress version of our work, but if you really need to >replace the Scatter5\handlers\ file by this one

Hey @C_G
No, right now we do not plan to sell any more 3D assets
The starter biome library was needed at the beginning of the project, as we invented & implemented the first-ever biome system for blender, (thus the need for assets to showcase the technology)

Right now the priority is collaborating with talented asset makers
As long as we have talented asset makers working on our sides, we’ll keep focusing on improving the scattering workflow and bring new innovation in this area :slight_smile:


I need to create a garden for a series of several thousands of still images in an upcomming project and am looking for plant and grass addons.

At the moment i am looking at a Scatter/Vegetation/grasswald combination because the Vegetation assets look quite convincing and i allready have Grasswald lying around. But Vegetation as far as i can tell has no distribution system.

I have no experience with these addons so can someone with more experience tell me if that is a good combination?

Does scatter 5 work together with the common plant addons like vegetation, botaniq, grasswald and so on or are there any known issues when combining them?

The way i understand it is that some of these plant addons have their own scatter methods and some dont. Is it better to use scatter for all of them or is it better to use the scatter methods native to these addons?

I am quite excited about 5, but why am I only seeing pre-order.txt in my Scatter downloads, and not Scatter 4 zip? I think I need the latest 4 until 5 comes out…

If you need Scatter4 you can contact me on the blendermarket messaging system :slight_smile:

The way i understand it is that some of these plant addons have their own scatter methods and some dont.

Hello @Lumpengnom

I believe you are confused because a lot of plant makers nowadays are trying to sell their assets with little plugins as a cherry on top sale argument (historically, it’s due to the lack of a proper asset manager solution in native blender, i believe this trend will finally die once 3.0 is out! ).

Scatter5 is a fully dedicated standalone plugin, it’s the appetizer, main course & desert, the first fully featured scattering solution for blender actually :slight_smile: there’s a biome .scatpack as a cherry on top. The plugin is working with any assets you have in your library of course, as it is a standalone solution.

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Will there be some kind of upgrade discount for those of us who bought it on the G site?

Free upgrade too :slight_smile:


Oh, sweet!

Oh, thank you very much.
I’m not in hurry with that personal test project…I was just guessing if the greyed out panel was “correct”.
Anyway I’ll use your tip, really appreciated.

@BD3D Will the discount last so that I can test the hobbyist version prior to purchase? I didn’t have the time to test the beta unfortunately.

I was also wondering what you experienced to be the limit for Blender in terms of polycount when using all the features of Scatter (I.e. LODs, camera clipping, etc) within the viewport and for renders? And in terms of numbers of trees with the Vegetation addon?


Yes and Yes

I was also wondering what you experienced to be the limit for Blender in terms of polycount when using

In The Final release there will be a novel workflow/feature that will allow users to visualize millions of particles on a smooth viewport framerate, I still need to do some tests but once it’s ready it will blow everyone expectations i think :slight_smile:

It will be revealed in few days


*for the release candidate

Great to hear for both! I am interested to see the results. Could you then please also show scene statistics for the individual assets and the scene as a whole in the release material? Even a couple of screenshots would help for me.

Regarding the license, do you also plan to release a non-commercial/ student version that is fully feature packed? Personally, I find the price a bit steep to justify for student projects, considering that I would also need to buy several asset packs. :innocent:
In case I make money using the addon, I would happily pay the full-price (difference) for the upgrade to the commercial version.

Thanks for your feedback @Hologram

Note this is false, you are free to use any assets you’d like and save them in your library of course. :slight_smile:
For example the Quixel Megascan Library, or the upcoming exciting CC0 plants from polyhaven
I’ll do tutorials about creating your own library once Scatter5 is out


You also should evaluate this