Scatter and Drop extensions

It’s really great plugin ! Helps a lot with placing foliage and rocks on terrain.
Original script you can find it somewhere in this forum, but thread is closed.
I made a couple of extensions for it:

  • fixed tabs :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
  • objects are now copied properly: with “original name.number” and with all properties (it’s important for me especially for game properties)
  • location origin by 1. center (old way) or by 2. cursor - this is much easier to place cursor on terrain and scat objects around it

Can this script be used to distribute objects on the surface of an other?

Hi d_darek. Iv done a few differnt placement scripts like this before, and recently the addition of duplifaces could make this a LOT faster,

When you get up to 20,000 object+ blender gets slow.
with Duplifaces you can just add 1 face per object and use that face to set the scale and orientation of the object.

with the thin wrapper youd want to add faces in batchs, not 1 by 1 because it re-allocates memory each time.

will need to make sure DupliFaces is accessible by python.

Temaruk: yes it can distribute foliage for example, this is thread about original script

ideasman42: sounds good, but maybe some other people can extend this pugin - I just fixed this script to my needs (level making for games) :slight_smile: