Scatter metaballs along an edge


how can i spread objects/metaballs along an edge respecting the object’s normal?


This is one way, using geometry nodes:

thanks for listening
I have more doubts:

is it possible to use metaballs instead of cones?
is it possible for the metaballs to decrease in size as they move away from the edges creating a transition to areas that will not have metaballs?

being able to control:
the random scattering
the fullness of the surface
and holes inside the mesh

one more question:

is there any course to learn how to use geometry nodes?
it can be video, but preferably text.

Hello there, Geometry Nodes are basically a more complex and customizable modifier, so you should be able to use it with MetaBalls.

For the start, there are many good tutorials on YouTube and when choosing one, just be sure it is for the correct version of Blender, especially for versions before and after Blender 3 (so that you avoid learning Geometry Nodes Legacy, which aren’t supported in the newer version anymore).

Have fun!

Hi , thanks for the help .

do you believe the addon : Sorcar
have the same function as blender’s native geometry nodes? and be as efficient as blender’s native geometry nodes?

Geometry Nodes have replaced and surpassed Sorcar, to the point where Sorcar has not been updated since January 2021

Is there any way to make the geometry nodes interface more user-friendly as with Socar?
example : change node names to something more like common modeling ?

I believe they look more difficult at first glance, than they are. The names are often general, because the functions of many nodes are very wide.

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could you teach me how to use metaballs with nodes?

I’ve done two youtube tutorials and whenever I change any parameter of the tree, the metaballs disappear?
do you have any tricks?


The simplest way would be to duplicate your edge, make it into a seperate object, subdivide it as needed, and duplivert the metaball to the new edge.
(which btw also makes a nice coral if you start with a tree shape.