Scattering objects on sphere

Hey there, i want to arrange some triangular shapes on a spheric shape, with the tips pointing to the center of the sphere. I thought it would work with a Hair particle system, but i can’t figure out how.

All i could come up with is shown in the picture…

could anyone help me, i also drew up how i would want my final result to look like :slight_smile:

regards, dayvan_cowboy has a great tutorial on using the “particle instance modifer” and has a great tutorial on using the “track to” modifier. Between those two short tutorials, you should be able to achieve your objective.

You could always give Duplivert a try.

It duplicates the child object across the surface of the parent object placing copies of the child at each vertex.


26_duplivert.blend (399 KB)

thx for those tips, gonna try them immediately! :slight_smile: