Scene and camera managment

Hello everyone!
I’m using blender for almost 2 years now. I’m coming from archviz works in 3ds max mostly. There I usually puts different cameras in the scene to render…In blender instead i’m experiencing some workflow issues.

Many times i need to setup a camera with different pixel image proportion, or specific lights or object in specific position or even specific different materials, value etc. But even simply switch between different equal cameras it’s a bit a pain cause i always need to activate the object camera for than finally look trough it.

So i’m starting using different scene which allows me to easily do all i’ve said above.

Question is: Is this a correct use of the scene system of blender? As i said i’m mostly a archviz artist so i haven’t really need more than some cameras ad pre-saved setups.

Is this technique affects the performance? i’ve understand that if i make a full copy scene it’s kind having larger and heavier file. But by doing links objects or links data objects it’s suppose to be basically still one scene with different setup aside id i add some new objects from scene to scene right?

Can those operation affects data uploadign size in vram in cycles? I guess no, it should be like turning on or of layers, right?

There are different way to manage cameras more easily than that annoying “select, activate”?


You can bind cameras to markers in the Timeline window. This can allow you to switch between cameras within a single scene. But to achieve different Render resolutions you are correct in using multiple Scenes. Also using the Link Objects when creating your new scene should keep your memory profile low.

To bind cameras to markers first add markers to the timeline. Then with the timeline on the frame # of the marker and the camera selected press CTRL-B with the mouse pointer over the Timeline window to “bind” the camera to the marker. Do this multiple times with multiple cameras to switch between cameras while the Timeline is playing.

Thanks for the reply. By googleling i’ve found several tutorials illustrating the process you guys describes me, but that’s a sort of work araound actually, and at that point it’s faster activate the selected camera. Any way it’s good to know. Thanks