Scene -> background? in 2.52

How does the background option, under the scene panel works? If i click it, no image dialog appear. So how can i place a background image to a render/scene?

I’m on version 2.52

Assuming that I understand the question and you’re in the viewport, load the bg image you want to use on a plane as a texture?

I just need a background image for my renders.

Sorry i can’t comprehend what viewport is (not a english user here). Is it just the main window?

How can i load an image? It will be available in the scene panel later, won’t it? (maybe version 2.5 doesn’t have the background image option working?).

has anyone found the answer to this yet?

in 2.49 you could use the backbuf option in the scene > output

in 2.5 scene >output only has the location for saving render output and
scene >background doesn’t work…as mayid observed

maybe not possible yet in 2.5… i’m using r28391

so i guess, the workaround would be to apply the image to a plane as blendercomp says…

I did it once. Following this video and reading the users comments:

Good luck! And try to resume the steps here if you achieve it.

scene >background doesn’t work…as mayid observed

I don’t know why this exists. As the video explains, the world’s background image has to be created as usual, in the textures menu. But of course it would be very handy to use the input you pointed.

that’s a great video!

but more complicated than i need.

i just need a simple background image…

for now i will just put a plane in front of the camera, with the image applied to that plane

ok, i get it now!

for a simple background image in 2.52:

world - texture - add new - type: image

load the image - map to view - influence horizon

in world panel, choose paper sky

in render panel, set render size = size of image

that’s it, hit F12!

2.5 is so cool!


That is less than cool, should it really need that many button presses? You can drag and drop textures to objects, the same for a background would be great.

maybe there is an easier way…in 2.49 the backbuff option was there…maybe there will be an easier way to come…

maybe it is just the blender way =)

Great review steeve. Thanks!

3pointEdit: some options, like Hori: 1 are already set. It’s not that complicated if you accept the fact that you must create a texture as you usually do for everything else.

You can drag and drop textures to objects

I didn’t know that! I’ll try that because sound like a great feature.

the same for a background would be great.

Absolutely, but you’d need to create the texture anyway. If you read the post above, there’s something a mysterious background item under scene panel, that could make our lives easier ;o) Hope it will.

it will take a while to catch up with all the new features in 2.5

here is a good video about drag and drop

the ability to display textures in the 3d window is kick-ass

reminds me of my old sketchup days!

TO see you email just press the Letter N a get the display background panel. There you can load a image that will show up in the camera view ports. If you want to render that image out to disk, load that same image in the world image section and click the Hor and and the first button in the world menu section. goto render and select sky for final output.