Scene from a museum

Or “tomb rider v2.5” :smiley:
A v.2.5 internal render, but so many difficulties there. But extremely fast. ~2.5 min


Awesome work! Except…you violated this type of art…you gotta have a ‘lucky clothe’ in front of the boy. (you know those random ribbons that HAPPEN to be blowing in the wind just to cover up the ‘unmentionables’ so that the image is still G rated. :slight_smile:

Thanks Keith.
Oh I almost forgot to present the ‘actors’ of this scene.

A boy (athens archeological museum Hellenistic period ~250BC)
A lion (same museum, archaic greel sculpture ~530 BC)

I want to add some more statues in the future, everything in this museum is nude. Especially men, warriors, ancient democracy etc. Lions of course.:smiley: Not so many women though except Venus.


Wow, great!!

wow! hats off! that looks gorgeous!

Hardcore…If you are share it accept, I can use it in my architecture visualisation…Think about it…

Wow thanks guys,
OK hangar, always my pleasure, to share, thats why we are in this forum… and this app.

Very nice render!

Thanks mitchJ. I wish we could start a conversation about new v2.5 renderer, if this is the appropriate place. So many bugs there. Its an alpha version of course, but we have to discuss about it.

good work!!

did you sculpt then bake to normal maps on low-poly objects for short render times?

cause right now blender 2.5 isnt fast at all with high-poly sculpts

Thanks pop850.
These are ~40k models each, bases of statues another ~20k, bus relief ~10k, these have displacement maps (3 subsurf levels), + normal maps. Some blur reflection on the ground too. 5 spots, AO, DOF via nodes (255 samples) too 1280x1024. The renderer counts some 3 million faces when rendering, 1 Gb ram. It takes almost an hour to render in v2.49b. It took ~2.5 min in v2.5alpha2 64bit (official) on a macPro 16threads 2 quad xeon. V2.49 can use max 8 threads only. These are the good news.
The bad is that when imported this scene from v2.49 to v2.5 then I had to reassign all textures because weird artifacts (like black spots) were in all textures. I tried to figure out, I thought it was a displacement or normals problem but this is happening even after disabling these. Outliner doesn’t show anything wrong. Now its OK but when I’ll import a new model from v2.49 this will happen again. So far… it doesn’t make sense. sorry for my english.


WOW, cool.

Hey, I missed this in “finished projects”!

It’s looking really nice… is the very fine stone surface texture from z-brush or just something you added in the material?

Looks like you’ve overlaid some kind of dirt/grain to “distress” the image.Looks very cool!

Hmm, that’s strange…

off the top of my head, it could be something to do with the new colour management, the new bumpmappingor the transferof multires to the new modifier system (or were you just using subsurf and displace?)

It’d probably be worthwhile stripping down the scene to a small re-producable example and submitting a bug…

True. Though for an alpha, it’s not too bad. I haven’t crashed yet. Just a little weirdness from time to time, and some missing menu items. Can’t wait for the beta. :slight_smile:

Michael W, its not the subsurf+displacement map, you can turn this off anyway. Its the textures. Some appear darker too. Textures from zbrush? You mean the UV textures, I always construct my own textures, but this has nothing to do because if reassign tex in v2.5 this fixes the problem. Another weird thing is that when using sky as background, this color appears in an interior render as a line around model (no antialiasing).
Or you mean the wall texture, this is a free to use tex that I made it seamless and all of you may use it. Here it is. Its one of my favorites. Its also lucky because I earned the second prize in a competition (sketchUp) using it(an Ipod touch lol)
MitchJ, No not bad at all, I use it more and more. The problem is that v2.49 and v2.5 are not so compatible as I thought.


This looks fantastic, well done.

Yeah I had a nightmare trying to get my shader to work in 2.5. Didn’t seem to want to recognise specular intensity maps or ref-mirror maps

Yeah tmcthree, thanks. I’m trying to collect a few odds, I’m not sure that these are bugs though, or that these are to be fixed or anything else. Just having in mind these issues.

Actually I seem to remember that there was a problem with textures in alpha 1 that they fixed in alpha 2

Just added venus, directly in v2.5 alpha2 so,no problem. This problem with textures happens when open the v2.5 blend file with v2.49 and save it. Then I have to re assign all textures when open in v2.5 again.


wow, very good!