Scene from Half Life 2

Hi all,

So I started learning Blender last August. I did a few “one scene a week” things (right here) and found out that this early in the game it’s better to give myself more time on each project to absorb new knowledge and such. I had to take a break from practicing Blender during the holidays, but I started on a new scene recently and was hoping to get a bit of feedback on my progress so far.

This is a scene from Half Life 2 (one of my all-time favorite games). The aim here is to recreate the scene in a more realistic fashion, close to the original in layout but with some artistic freedom as far as details and such. Pardon the thin white block, I forgot to hide it (it’s my height reference for scale). I’m trying hard to keep the scale correct as one of the critiques I got about a prior scene from the link above was that my scale was way out of whack.

I don’t have a focal point yet, but I do have a pretty interesting idea for that once I finish the environment.

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism!


(Credits: Textures are either the free ones from or and HDRI from HDRI Haven)