scene from "Junk! the Musical"

I am currently performing as Jake the Drummer for “Junk! the Musical” in the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Last two performances tonight and tomorrow night. Here is a scene from the show:

I did not make the kit. All instruments were made by the show’s writer. Here is a shot of the trash kit I am playing.

Amazing what you can do with a bicycle and cans and stuff and the wonderful music that comes with it. Thanks for this!

This evening will be the final performance for the show. I am going to try to get a mugshot of everyone and make a 3d animated version of the show with Blender. May take a few months, but could be a fun winter project.

Here is the violin made of papier mache, a baseball bat and a teddy bear

Here is the cello made of a trash can, a motherboard, pipes, and a tie

and here is the stand up bass made of a wheelbarrow, hockey sticks and a rubber boot

Here are a couple early tests for “Junk! the Animation”. I made the glute, the rest are from BlendSwap. The glute can be seen being played by Paul Snider, the person who wrote the show and made the instruments, after the drum solo in the video in the first post of this thread.

I added a bit more to the arsenal.