scene grease pencil how to get rid ?

not certain how it was added
but looks like a scene grease pencil layer

how do I get rid of it ?

happy bl


hit the X

looks like object one
I did remove the data

but I still can see the outliner line
so anyway to remove if from outliner ?

I did not add this so not certain how it was added !

is there like a short script to determine which objects has a grease pencil layer ?

looks like even for object it is added to the scene level only !
got that

gp = bpy.context.object.grease_pencil
gp_name =
gp = None[gp_name])

but need to loop over all ob ?

but then how do you remove scene grease layers ?

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Click the - in the Layer box and then click X as Pyro say’s…)

Gp don’t just pop up of themself…:slight_smile:

Maybe you have accidentally pressed d key and left click the viewport…:slight_smile:


so you do like in UV editor and use the Shift X to remove it!

that works

now is there anything to list all ob and see if there is any grease pencil used or for the scene

I probably accidentally pressed d key and left click the viewport
but not easy to see this error!

happy cl


In the Outliner… Choose a GP object and in menuline - search - choose same types…It will list them all I believe.