scene.set_frame doesn't exist?

This method seems to be gone. Maybe I don’t need it though.

What I want to do is writing the rotation of bones in an armature to file (custom exporter) for every frame. What would be the best way to do this? So far I was thinking something like:

while currFrame++ < numFrames
    get the bones for this frame
    get/calc the attributes needed
    append to file

Where I’d use set_frame to get the contents of a frame. If the method was there that is, which it

scene.set_frame() works here…

scene = bpy.context.scene
while scene.frame_current <= scene.frame_end:
    scene.frame_current += 1

Aaah. I’m was using the stable version, 2.49b. Downloaded the alpha now, and my gawd how things have changed! It looks absolutely awesome! A lot more “normal” (even though I did like the old Blender interface too :)).

One question: how do you add more windows? Before you’d right click in between windows and click “split”. Doesn’t seem to work anymore.

nm, I figured it out. You drag the corner symbols of each view to add/remove views.