Scenes from the rooftop

I have created this scene of a rooftop,i am still new to blender so kindly give your feedback


Well you made lots of mistakes, but you did manage to create something in blender so bravo.

List of stuff to learn.

  1. UV unwrapping
  2. how to make and use a bump map

Your texture is mapped incorrectly on the rooftop. My guess is its using generated mapping set to cube. You can’t use generated mapping with texture images unless the mesh is very simple. You can use procedural textures with generated mapping. Ur obviously using blender render. If you have an nvidia gpu, use cycles now. It is better in just about every conceivable way. Your lights are too sharp. Use spot lights and buffer shadows. You’ll have to look up how to soften the shadows though. I don’t recall off hand. You need to have more than one light lighting your scene. I can tell you had one lamp, probably a sun lamp behind and to the right of the camera. In Cycles this probably would have worked fine, but in blender render light doesn’t bounce when it hits a surface. It stops. So the only light you will ever have in your scene is by direct intention; because you placed a lamp to light that area. no shadow should be perfectly black.

Sounds like I’m shitting all over your hard work, but I’m not. Its good for someone new to blender. I’m just giving you some areas to look into to help you better express yourself in the future. Keep at it.

Not a bad effort for a beginner.

It seems like you’ve learnt some basics about modelling and texturing with images. But the overall looks is that of a very old computer game and Blender can do a lot better than that.

One thing you need to learn about is UV unwrapping your models. I am sure there are many tutorials about this online. You can see in lots of places that your textures have been squashed and distorted. The texture on the wall around the edge of the rooftop for example is stretched to the point where it is just coloured lines. So a going over a few tutorials on how to unwrap your models will improve this.

You may also wish to learn how to use the Cycles rendering engine (again there are tutorials for this online). Cycles will allow you to create much more realistic lighting and materials.

You’re on the right track though, and I don’t think it will be long before you’re creating really impressive stuff. Keep learning and trying new stuff out. Andrew Price’s tutorials on are a great place to learn about the features in Blender, and there are many other resources online. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more stuff from you in future.