Schierke from Berserk

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using blender for couple of years now but never really put much time and tried to improve myself. Lately i started to take it more seriously and this is my second serious project. I did lots of things for the first time (Sculpting a character, volumetric lighting, rigging, using 2.8 etc.) but not sure how it really looks.
Everythings done in blender and rendered with eevee but i didn’t do any postprocessing except for playing with gamma and exposure values since i don’t know how to do other things. So it would be wonderful if you give any feedbacks, especially about compositing, lighting and materials.

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With the light behide the character, it seems some light should be shining on the character. But It looks flat behide the character.


First of all thank you for the reply!
yeah i guess youre right i put that light because otherwise the scene looked too dark and also i tried to create something to focus on (not sure if it worked though)

yeah what @humanartist said is right, even though it might not look right from other angles- you are allowed to manipulate the characters position in order to add more depth to it from your rendering angle. This only applies if you render only from one angle. hope you got my point, and also the light on bottom right seems to take off the spot light of your character.reduce it and add a color to your light source to slightly blue- so you depict that your scene is a night time.

Cheers! Looks great so far!

Okay i changed the lighting a little bit. Blue light and yellow light at the bottom (like a campfire maybe?) gives a more natural look i think but i liked the lighting on her face in the first one more. i added bloom and changed the camera angle slightly. There are couple of errors with the shadows because of eevee but i didnt bothered to correct them.

Is it better or not?


That is better, much much better. Your right, the shadow seems wrong.