School art project

So I don’t really like this one… I don’t like anything I’m forced to do actually… so I didn’t work very hard on it. There are many possible improvements, but it’s due in two days and I have to get it printed tomorrow… So yeah, it has to be done:eyebrowlift:

It’s not an animation, I just had to have a bunch of different views of the scene to keep Mr Sir happy :yes:

I’ll put my rationale (whole arty explanation) up later… when I write it tomorrow I guess… but the theme was ‘Changes’ and my one has something to do with old traditions restricting the growth and movement of society:rolleyes:

Oh and I’m in grade 11… not sure how other school works around the world, but that means I’m in my second last year :cool: :wink:

So what do you think?

Long live the array modifier :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, however, who is the lonely soldier coming out of the time machine?

I don’t know if it’s the look you were going for, but in a lot of the shots it looks like a miniature. Tone down the DoF and model everything to the same scale - at the moment the holes in the buildings look to be about 30cm in diameter.