School building 3D layout

Made with Blender 2.91 - Cycles

After 100 years of continuous operation my old school is closing down due to cracks in foundation and lack of pupils. Image made for 100 year anniversary book.

Find out more about making of this image in the link below.
Behind the Scenes: School Building 3D Layout - BlenderNation


An absolutely-original idea, superbly executed. :+1:

Alas, one of the early schools that I once attended simply burned to the ground … criminally-convicted arson.


Wow! I can mind how much work it is! Crazy) Presentation is allright.

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Thanks for comment!
The irony is that they modernized the school complex by building sports hall next to it. All the construction work caused cracks in foundation of school building and now it has to shut down. Second floor is closed due to safety concerns. 1st floor will be closed after the end of this school year.

Thanks! Yeah it took some time :grimacing:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

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