School MONSTERS - Caçador de monstros

Genre: First Person Shooter Arcade Game

One year after the battle against the Spirit of Evil, Giovane discovers that there is something strange going on in school - again. He also realizes that his gun is back, meaning that a major problem had just come up. Whatever it was, he would need to prepare himself to face. Some monsters appeared in the school and Giovane will have to take care of them.
This game is a spin off of School MONSTERS. Killing monsters increases your score. There are some items that may help you if you are hurt, low ammo or low battery. Be careful not to run out of battery, or you’ll be in the dark. Challenge your friends to score more than you. Have fun!!

Download Link:!eA5gFQLJ!sjNhAwOH73BvSm-SsuEhauSGFiXlnJiP5-JPD8d7rIw
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