Schwarzschild kugelblitz spaceship

Almost finished project, learned a lot while doing it. Eevee render is great although it started crashing almost every time i tried to render the final frame. Somehow I managed to solve it - either it was related to using ssgi or too big textures which i scaled down. This is a concept design for spaceship with "schwarzschild kugelblitz " black hole drive.


Hi Taavi,

Very nice! This is a great concept. Although, I’d be afraid of starting this puppy near a planet!

Yes, this probably needs a sign on it’s back- "keep safe 50 milliparsecs distance "

That’s gorgeous. Love the design of the ship.

Thank You!
Here is the link to the first animation sequence as well:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow, thank you for making my day! Have a nice weekend!

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