Sci-Fi Cannon [blendswap link]

Here’s a model I finished, planning on maybe putting it in a video later.

Here’s the link on BlendSwap, it may take a bit to get approved though:

-wooden stand on hi-tech weapon.
-rings are floating, not attached to the gun’s antennae(I think its an EMP gun)

Okay, thanks for pointing those out. :smiley:

I dont see big trouble with the wooden tripod, the metal parts are a little creased, so it can be part of some apocalyptic future, or weapon from rebels, anyway the wood is fine for me.

or maybe its a japanese death ray gun from the WWII. They had plans for a “secret ultimate weapon” that would win the war, they thought a nuclear bomb was too unrealistic so stuck to a microwave death ray gun lol…Maybe that’s what this is…in that case wood works fine…

but how are the rings floating? :stuck_out_tongue:

Super strong magnets? :stuck_out_tongue:
Cool render, how long did it take to make it?
I believe that it has that apocalyptic feel as well, and to me, the wooden stand and the floating rings go quite well with it :wink:

Thanks everyone!
BTW, I think you are perceiving the darkened areas around the rings to be shadows, making them appear to float, when it is in fact texturing, here’s a render without textures:

@hgoel0974 It took about a few hours to model and texture.