Sci-Fi Clouds

I started out experimenting with creating realistic clouds in Blender and managed to make a sci-fi image from what I learnt. The main challenge was trying to get that wispy look in Clouds.

I also did some compositing in Blender and in GIMP as well.

Render time: 2h 37mins
Renderer: Blender Internal

Here is my result:

Any C&C welcome!

Looks great! How did you achieve the soft edges? I can only imagine you used a volume shader on a noise displaced cylinder, but getting the edges to fade naturally has always been a problem for me with this method.

Thanks Zeke :slight_smile:
I did use a volume shader but I used particles emitting from a spiral-modelled cylinder. I then added a ‘turbulence’ force field to the particles to make the cloud look more turbulent. For the softness, I adjusted only the texture settings.
Here are the settings I used:

And the particles that were generating the clouds:

I really like the effect. Looks Spooky like the norway sprial.

Great work, i like the effect too !