Sci-Fi Dagger - Need opinions

As the title says, this is supposed to be a scifi dagger. Obviously the materials arent done yet.
You might ask what does tubes are for, basically I want the blades to be “infused” with some sort of chemical or whatever.
Make it look like blue veins going through.
The wooden grip will also be quite a dark wood so the blue veins are more visible

I’d really appreciate opinions on the general idea of it and the shapes as well.
Thanks a lot for reading/viewing this post. :slight_smile:

Final (for now):

Starting point:

design is cool. ever thought about not using a steelblade? how about black, dark blue or dark green glas (like black with a touch of green, my fav). you can use the veins as some sort of energylines.

Thats a cool blade! I would consider texturing the handle with wood (for a post-apocalyptic look) or some sort of scifi plastic.

Thanks for the replies! I was planning to make a dark black blade, forgot to mention it in the original post, my bad.
The handle will be wood yeah, I was thinking of maybe a very dark redish wood, other colors might look weird or unnatural.
Thanks again for the replies, feedback really encourages me to keep going. :smiley:

Just a quick update.
Started to texture everything, I ended up deciding against wood for the grip because it didnt really fit.
Not sure if the steel-ish material works just yet, but I guess it’s not too bad.

Tomorrow I’ll be tweaking the textures some more and hopefully figure out how to add
those chemical veins I was talking about.
(yeah I know that the render is too blue, it’s the hdr, will be changed later)

Cool concept. Blue vein eh? I’m intrigued with how it’ll turn out. :smiley: I actually like how blue the render is. It definitely got that sci-fi feel to it. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Added the “veins”, first time trying something like this. Not sure if it looks good or not.
I feel like it’s too much and too little at the same time.
Like… I kinda want the veins to reach close to the tips but that’d be way too much.

Input would be really helpful. :smiley:
Thanks for the replies!

Main side:


One more suggestion might be to straighten out those wires. Not sure how that would change the look tho

EDIT: I REALLY like the blue lighting veins!!!

If the veins looks like too much and too little at the same time, you might try to have them thicker at the beginning and tapering as they go. This way you might be able to make them run farther out without looking “too much”.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried to have them straight when I made them, but it looked quite strange. Not sure how to explain, but I kind of like the randomness they have. Personal preference I guess.

I appreciate your reply tho. It’s nice to have other opinions besides my own. :smiley:

Interesting, that could definitely fix the issue.
I’ll try it out, can’t promise anything tho because I suck at these things and it sounds quite difficult.
Thanks for the reply. :smiley:

EDIT: I tried it, looked awful the way I did it, I’ll just leave it as is. :confused:

Probably my last update on this, hope you guys liked it.

veins shall reach the cutting edge. and it might be even interesting to try let them influence the area where they reach the edge like blood leaking out of little wound and build a thin coating.

Wow that’s such a good idea! That would look really cool, I can already imagine it. I might try that out when I’m not as busy.
Btw this is supposed to be a game model so in the “final” model i can’t do the dripping, just for a fancy render. :frowning:
Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll write it down right away! :slight_smile: