Sci-fi engine

This was my weekend project to learn about hard-body modelling and rendering.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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Lovely work, meejahor! I like the different shapes and pieces you used to create the engine, and the materials looks nice!

I have a question: how did you create the exhaust? I am actually making something very similar, and have never made an exhaust for 3D before. Can you share how you made it, or any tutorials you may have used?

I really love the modeling and texturing, it’s awesome, just have one thought about the blue flame, I think the outer flame should be darker.

Nice job! Visually, I think the flame would stand out more in a darker background, but the modelling and texturing is great!

It’s an array of 25 planes, each with a circular gradient material fading from transparent on the outside to blue to white on the inside. It’s kind of a hack but it works surprisingly well.

Thanks, meejahor! That’s a great and simple idea, I will have to try it out for my scene! Thanks again.