Sci-fi furniture / Blender

I’ve just finished this sci-fi enverironment element concept.

So what is it? What’s it’s purpose?

Well, it can synthesize any kind of materil from any kind of source. For example :slight_smile:
Anyway, it’s just a design, nothing more. It’s not that asset which really needs to work, just a background stuff :slight_smile:
But thanks for asking anyway :wink:

I just thought ‘oh it’s a nice design’. Then I thought ‘design’ means to biuld acording to plan to devise for a purpose, it comes from the word ‘designate’ as in mark for a purpose if I understand correctly. There must be a purpose in design. The modelling is really nice, I thought maybe it has a nice story as well since you present it on it’s own.

Yes Martin, i totally agree with you in logical and intelligent design needs, but first i love more graphics than engeneering, so the functionality is not a must, just a great thing :slight_smile: and two, something, which is unknown is way exciting i think than the things you already know… if you can recongise the functions the whole thing starts storytelling, and that’s ok, but what if you want something alien or extrafuturistic? Unknown parts and functionality can be a way to create alien look like things -i think… just about the connection of the functionality and design… anyway, my design is not purposed to be alien… :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t mean to criticize or anything I like scifi quite a bit, but I do only architectural stuff with CG myself. It’s always fascinating to me to see something like this and imagine what it might be for, I always want to see more. You called it furniture, so I thought, wow, what is it , what kind of furniture, what does it do, what is it that this is a part of and so on. I imagine creating stuff like this should be like being a child again and it must be quite a lot of fun to think of various bits and pieces that you saw somewhere else and associations you have about their forms and futuristic scifi inventions and their functions and so on… Just wanted to encourage you to tell the story. It’s cool if there is none yet as well.