Sci-fi grenades and crates - blender eevee

(Huy đăng Nguyễn) #1

sci-fi grenades and crate modeled in blender texturing in subtance painter and rendered realtime in blender eevee.
sci-fi grenades texture 2k
sci-fi crate texture 4k
realtime video:
project on artstation:

(anas) #2

amazing work !!!

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(Timothy Cook) #3

As someone who believes all grenades must be cooked before thrown, I approve of these. :joy::grin:
Cook It Off!

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(Huy đăng Nguyễn) #4

thank you XD <3

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(Huy đăng Nguyễn) #5

XD i can see it through your name

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(Nick Comito) #6

Love this. Color, texture, light… so good!

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(emad) #7

it s Very extraordinary!

can you show your Color Management setting? Please

(Huy đăng Nguyễn) #8

sure here ya go man

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(bestelix) #9

Hi, I wanted to start a little hardsurface project and yours is inspiring. I like it very much and before I start I want to know if you recommend any addon for modeling or unwrap part. Thanks!

(Huy đăng Nguyễn) #10

i was using my own addon to working on this project you can take a look here

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(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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