Sci-fi helmet

This project is a practice and testing piece ( on hardsurface sculpting and PBR texturing. Primary motive was to work on hardsurface sculpting workflow, retopology and setup a game-res model for PBR testing and rendering. The helmet model consists of several parts: helmet, visor, jaw and sensors. This allowed for different variations of the same base textures and facilitated look development. Several HDRIs and lighting setups were tested with the PBR textures. A final beauty render was done to finish off the project.

Tools: ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Quixel, Blender/Cycles, PS. PBR tests images all rendered at 400 samples. Beauty render at 500 samples. HDRI largely from sIBL archive.

Comments/critiques welcome.

wow why has this no comment yet? Wonderful!

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Amazing job! If this doesn’t get on the top row, there is something wrong with BA. :slight_smile:

TR work… nice to see how shaders behave in different light conditions

Love how heavy it seems, the realism is compelling, it would probably benefit from being composited on to a real face :slight_smile:

Fixed ! Thanks for the heads up.

And thanks to everyone else for the positive comments. Edited the OP to add the tools used.

Really cool, and great previews in the lighting conditions!

Awesome, the different lighting conditions look really cool!

Very good work my friend. I love the detailed materials on the helmet.

great stuff. and the different lightings are cool.

Thank you for all the kind comments !

Very cool images and good modelling.

The texturing is also well done.

This helmet has such a nice color palette, looks like something out of Hawken.

Thank you all for the kind comments.

Also shoutout to the forum mods for starring this thread, many thanks and appreciation !

Good Modelling for a movie of fiction science, but could to make all with blender :smiley:

great job and nice details :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the kind comments. This community’s support has been overwhelming, really appreciate all the kind feedback.

Good work mate!

Thank you !

Apologies for resurrecting this thread. Just wanna say that hi-res prints of the image in OP are available for sale at Redbubble. A portion of profits will go toward the Blender Foundation in the form of add-on purchase/donation.

Thanks for reading.