Sci-fi Hovercar "Type-R" (F1 challenge)

Max Evil starts building his F1 challenge car… :slight_smile:

although i have not 100% finished my last car, i already started making new one because the last car only needs a good final render…

So here is my so called “F1” car, it is a kinda sequel to my “Type-X”, but this time i used Rolls Royce as inspiration, but the idea is same(tricked out, old-car look alike):

but this time this car has much more power in it :evilgrin:

if someone has a good idea how the back of the car should look, then i am open for suggestions…:smiley:

i hope you like it:cool:

Todays progress, couple of hours hard work:

i still need more power… :evilgrin:

really good!
great amount of detail, waiting for updates//:yes:

tnx for reply, i was thinking that here comes another 3-4 post monologue :slight_smile:

Now the car has some kinda shape:

Todays limit is full…

and we have thrust…:evilgrin:

cool concept dude


Nice concept, and good modeling! This is my favorite entry so far. :eyebrowlift:


Very nice, I love the whole concept! Any chance of a wire frame or .blend file when you’re done? I’m working on my vehicle modeling skills and every reference helps.

Your modelling skill is excellent…i like the details…

i am glad that you all like it…:cool:

i hope these wires help, some small details went lost in the wires, but i hope these help :slight_smile: :


Thanks a lot! Your modeling skills are excellent. I can’t wait to see this textured up and in a scene! good luck!

This really is an amazing design. It puts my model to shame, that’s for sure. The grill & blowers in front are really great and I am jealous of your jets. I might lift a few ideas…

Very nice job here!!!
Keep it up


Ah…Im out of the contest…

Beastly work man.

long time no updates:


i dont know how much of this interior will be shown in final render(maybe it has too much unnecessary details):confused:, but ahh well…

Your gonna Win! It doesn’t just have to be for the comp., just do it for yourself personally, go as far as you can with it.


That bar over the driver’s area is “pushing” the open cockpit rule a bit. If I allow it then where do I draw the line as far as what can be done and what cannot?

I love the design! It is always in the details, eh? :slight_smile:

i have always thought that open cockpit means that driver is “exposed from top”…

and the driver must be able to enter and get out of the cockpit without it being necessary to open a door or remove any part of the car other than the steering wheel.

and these requirements are met…:confused:

this bar isnt on top of the driver, and it definitely is not a roof :)…

when i made this… actually roll bar was in my mind

ohh… maan… i hate organic modeling…
here is a head of driver(at least i hope so):
havent done this for a long time:o

The cockpit is open! There’s a big hole in the bottom of it!

I’m watching, even if I don’t say anything.