Sci-fi investigative shooter looking for team to start up

You awake from your cryostasis to find the rest of the containers to be empty. Aside from that and a few flickering halogen bulbs, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. The recovery program is moving slightly slower than usual, but what do you expect after forty years of being an ice cube. Once you are back to moving normal you make for the door this is where you notice something extremely strange. What appears to be a thin, dried leaf is laying on the floor. This is puzzling to you. How can there be a leaf in space? There was a botany lab on the ship, but that was three floors up and none of those plants had leaves like this. As a matter of fact, no plants that you know of have leaves like this. You walk to the comm station and buzz the flight deck. No response. You buzz the control deck. Again, no response. You slam your palm on the intercom switch and ask if there is anyone there. Silence. Worried, you go to the door and press the open switch. Moving slower than usual, you notice that what should have been metallic tiled floors was green grass, what should have been 100% oxygen had a smell other than sterilization, and that the glow of the halogens was replaced by the shimmering of a sun. It doesn’t take you long to realize that something terrible happened. And that what was once the pride of the Interstellar Guard is now just one small cryonics lab.
You step outside very slowly, not knowing what was going to happen. You notice that lab isn’t the only room left. Somehow(fate?) the armory was located directly above the lab, and it survived as well. You climb the exposed components of the ship up to the armory, but can only find a sidearm and an smg. But on the Brightside, it doesn’t look like you are gonna be running out of ammo too soon. There is also a light suit of Militia body armor in there. This is surprising because the Militia had disappeared some twenty years before you even began this mission. As your mind starts to process everything that has happened in the last few minutes, you hear a foreign noise. Not that of an animal, but kind of a vehicle sound. You crouch and move to the door to see the noise. From the doorway, you see three small ships fly by. From here, you can also see far into the distance. You notice a large black spec on the horizon, and it appears that the ships are headed in that direction. You make up your mind about what you want to do, and you begin your trek toward that spec in the distance.
Ten minutes after waking up, you have discovered that your ship is destroyed, you are on an alien planet, a rogue pirate group has resurfaced, and that there is intelligent life on the planet. Pretty exciting for your birthday, huh?

This is the first ten minutes of the game I hope to have help with. It will be a third person shooter with strong investigative and RPG elements to it. There will also be a small amount of platform/puzzle gameplay in it as well. I am still working on the plot and lore of the story, but hope to have enough done to begin work on it as soon as possible. I am sorta a jack of all trades when it comes to blender. I can do enough modeling, texturing, coding, and logic to help out. But my strong fields are level design, prop modeling(sorta), and quite possibly sound design.
In order to get started I would need a character model artist or two, concept artists, writers to help me with the plot(although, I have lots of ideas that I refuse to change so you have to be willing to work with that), and an experienced programmer. If you are interested please pm me your e-mail address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you would like more info on the game and stuff, feel free to ask.

If you have noticed, I have tried to start a few projects in the past that did not work out. They failed for a few reasons: I wasn’t as committed to them as I am to this one. I have had this idea since I was 14, now I am 19. I would say I am committed. It also failed because I was less experienced with bge and blender itself. I thought that stuff was easier than it is. I have grown a lot since I tried to start these projects and I acknowledge my faults. Please do not hold these projects against me. Thanks.

I can Help you making the Main Menu.

I’d strongly recommend adding some images to your first post. Most people won’t read through all of that (no matter how well thought out it may be) without an image or video to get them excited. Just my experience.

Yeah if you want some good people to join your team have something to show first so it doesnt look like they are doing all the work if they join u

If you don’t work with the game you should work with it. If you are not so experienced get to do a game but more simple like this you can post screenshots, people will join and it will be easyer ans faster to finish

I have been working on stuff to show for this but it is really hard between spending time with my girlfriend and working ten hour shifts. But I will get some screenshots for you all in the next week or so. I just gotta manage my time for it. I can make a quick game for people if they want.

Hey Josh, I may not be an expert but I am willing to help out on your project if you will have me. I am so-so at modeling and toying around with animations right about now. If you need help getting some stuff done so you can show that you are working then send me a message with a quick sketch of what you would like and I will see what I can do.

i love to help.

I can help you for MainMenu, character walk cycle trought the game and modeling. Here is a blend file for demo:
character + rig walk animation+simple main Menu+ boomrang throw.blend (636 KB)
So, am I in?

No offense, and I’ll say that I have nothing to do with this game, but if I were you, I think I’d offer more than a stick figure as a demo of my talents…I’m pretty sure you will say that you can do better than that, and that’s just a demo, but, well, a demo is supposed to represent your finest work, on a smaller scale.


Dude if you want nothing to do with this then don’t comment on it. Although I admit that dani’s demo is a little lacking, you are a bit insensitive. The reason that people want to work on projects like this isn’t because we are rockstars its because we want to improve so don’t be hating!

There’s a difference between “hating” and making a constructive crit. Many people seem to feel that any criticism is “hating”. I’m not sure why that is. I think we can all agree that his demo needs some work. What’s wrong with saying that? Should all comments on these forums be praise?

Well i think that the problem is that the guy wants to join with this josh and work on the game and you are criticising his work on a thread that isnt is yours, so even if the object isnt is that good let them work the problem, somethimes criticise when your oppinion isnt is asked is taken bad. I see somethimes stuff that I say wow that is terrible, but its better keep it for yourself because they ll get hurt one way o another, hehe.
I know that you just wanted to help 3dmedieval, but somethimes is best to let the things “flow”.

i agree 3dMedieval, it seems that many people misinterpret advice for hatred.

I probably shouldn’t have said anything…I just wonder sometimes, and sometimes I can’t stop myself saying (writing) something. I know it’s nothing to do with me, and it’s not my thread. And me a mod and all…I’m supposed to be the voice of reason! I don’t mean anything by it…I’m a good guy, really…

Anywho, any screens yet? I like the idea of the game.

I just got home from work, so I am gonna sit down to work on getting some stuff done for you guys. And I am going to send PMs to those of you who are interested.

And about 3dMedievil’s post, I personally didn’t think it was rude or hateful in anyway. When I loaded the blend I didn’t see anything. Is it glsl or built in a newer version of blender?

Eh… to all you people who interpreted my small attempt at slang as “hatred”. Didn’t mean it that way at all. Sorry if it seemed that way but I didn’t mean for it to come across like that.

Also looking forward to some new stuff on here. Please hurry my mind can only take learning so much html at a time… anymore and my head will explode so I need a new project fast!

@Era Haha. I remember trying to learn html on my own. I got to the point where I could make a page look good but after that… My brain just melted. So I am gonna wait until this fall when a professional is gonna teach me. And this project is moving slowly. I am working on some concept art for some stuff but I am not so good. Hopefully by this friday (thursday and friday are my days off) I will have a few things to show you. Sorry that I am moving so slow.

I think 3DMedieval is right he maymbe didn’t ‘‘hate’’. He just wanted to say that I should do my best and it was true because I only modeled a stickman who walks and shoots a bomerang + a simple main Menu