Sci-fi Matter Gun

Hey! I’m back with a new project, this time a sci-fi gun based on a concept by Fightpunch (used with permission).

I got some feedback on my portfolio thread (over at Polycount) that most of the work there was too similar (a lot of it is fantasy/steampunky) and that I needed to diversify it. So therefore I am revisiting a sci-fi gun I made back in April (I believe), but for one reason or another never actually finished, as that model showed a lot of promise IMO.

Here’s what I had back in April:

And here’s where I’m at with it right now:

Not a whole lot of changes yet, but I’ll get to that.


  • Redesign the grip as the current one honestly don’t make much sense and looks a bit unergonomic.
  • Rework and/or add more details on the black parts at the front of the gun.
  • Various other small detailing.

I’d appreciate any and all feedback of course, but some thoughts on the black parts in the front would be very much appreciated. In my opinion that is the weakest part of the gun at the moment, but I’m not sure what needs to be done to fix it.


Looks good so far. Agree with all your todo’s; to diversify you can add some kind of sight and rework the “butt” to be more ergonomic when put agains the shoulder (assuming is something like a rifle).
Instead of the black parts in front i would put something that will resemble a grenade launcher (maybe model around it some coils, lights, etc…) with a handle; or you can simply remove all to obtain a less “bulky” shape.

I am no professional but I have a few thoughts…

  • I am assuming that the black parts up front are a second grip for the off hand, I would actually bulk this area up to match the rest of the gun style. Looks to plain to me. You have nice panels all over everything else why not add something similar here?
  • The Pistol Grip Reworking. Again I would bulk this up to fit with the rest of the guns style. Unless this gun is meant to be this large and overpowering! :slight_smile: Big guns rock!
  • I agree with mik1190 on the “butt” end of the gun. if this is indeed a shoulder fire weapon instead of a spray and pray then it would indeed need some sort of shoulder attachment.
  • On the Rear view of the gun just above the handle…Looks like some sorta grenade sitting there…not sure what it is intended to be but that is what i see lol!
  • Fantastic job on the rest of the gun and I cannot wait to see what comes of it! looks like an assload of time and effort went into this BFG!

No kidding, it shoots matter? =D

Excellent modeling, I love the details. If you’re planning on using this in a scene, however, you’ll need to give it some proper materials. Right now I’m only seeing appropriately colored diffuse shaders and a few glowing lights. You need a little more definition in a final render than that. =)

Reminds me of the Vanu from PS2, good work,

Very nice, for the black part up front, what about the orange stripes in the picture?

Sorry for the late answers.

I’ve reworked the butt to be more ergonomic as you suggested, but I’m not sure about adding a grenade launcher there. I did remove the weird lever I had there as it honestly didn’t serve any real function and would only be in the way.

Alright, I bulked up the second grip a bit and added some paneling to it.

I’ve remade the grip multiple times now and I’m still not happy with how it looks, but after remaking it to be bulkier I think it looks better at least.


Yeah, I don’t blame you, it did look way too much like a grenade. I’ve remade that part to look less like a grenade and more bulkier now anyway.

Yeah, thanks, I’ve spent a long time on the gun already and it starts to feel like I’m spending way too long on this to be honest.

Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention it, but this will be a game model so the materials here are mostly just there to get the color scheme down. I’ll make a lowpoly and bake down the details to that, paint in some dirt and wear, overlay some photo textures and all that jazz. I were planning to perhaps make some kind of mount/rack for it and then render that in either Toolbag 2 or UE4. Don’t have a lot of experience with UE4 or special effects, but it would be fun to try to add some sweet particles and other effects to showcase how the model would be fired in-game as well.

Thanks, man!

Thanks. I’ve added some of those now as well.

Here’s the latest version:

  • Remade pistol grip and shoulder rest
  • Remade grenade looking detail.
  • Removed all the floating panels and integrated them with the rest which made the gun looks sturdier.
  • Removed lever at front
  • Simplified some details.
  • Reduced the amount of capacitors (making the silhouette a bit more interesting).


  • I might try to redesign the pistol grip again, but I’m starting to get real tired of that part.

Do people feel that the new grip works?

I prefer the old pistol grip.