Sci fi project

This is my last model with Blender, gimp and Cycles.

Incredible work…and Beautiful girl!!!:slight_smile:

Very nice looking model, but the presentation doesn’t do it justice. Modelling looks very clean and texturing looks mostly crisp, though some of the metal parts look like a bit low res and the usage a bit random. But mostly I think it lacks in shading and lighting. All surfaces look almost flat, like straight diffuse pass with some shadows. Metal parts have some glossiness, but they look very flat also.

I’d suggest trying different lighting solutions, like the basic 3 point setup (key, fill and backlight) for instance and give the metal parts something to reflect like big reflector panels or hdr-background. Another thing I would do is play a bit with the materials, even though if the suit is meant to be some type of matt fabric, it can still have some very subtle glossiness in it. And you could try bring a bit more fabric feel to the materials by adding a slight fresnel effect into the edges. See the image below what I mean.

It takes some fiddling around, but it could work well in your model :eyebrowlift2:

I really think the work you have done has real potential, it just need a bit more effor in the presentation department and then it will surely stand out for itself. Keep at it :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestion…i will try to use it.

Nice job, she got that Colombian booty lol

I don’t know-how…ah ah ah
Thanks for the comment