Sci Fi Robit Armor Girl, game character design

Hello everyone!

Here is a side project I am working on while I continue to build the plant asset library
This is sort of game character concept art maybe. It as stylized female proportions in robotic armor. Anyways, tell me what you think, I am open to criticism.


Sci Fi Robot Armor not Robit :stuck_out_tongue: guess there isn’t a way to change the thread title.

the colors are beautiful. The character pose looks like a platformer game?!

Thanks TocxicTuba. It does look like it could easily be a very cool platformer game. Maybe ill get into the game building side of blender and make this into a platformer game :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the original sketch.

here is the clay render.

I have started working on a male character. Ill post progress.

Looks great so far!
Reminds me just a little of one of the Daft Punk helmets :smiley:

That’s cool Raven IIC. Maybe ill call the male character Instant Crush ;).

anyways, here is the male character sketch. I think maybe I need a more dynamic pose.