Sci-fi Rocket Engine

I’ve decided to finally brush up on my hard surface modeling skills which have always been pretty lacking and make more mechanical assets to expand my portfolio and just open up more possibilities for any future artwork or animations I do.
To kick that off I’ve been working on this fictional Rocket Engine:

It started off as some sort of hard surface future building, I made use of a lot of radial symmetry to block out the base shape and after I got a good chunk of it done I just wasn’t happy with where it was going so I took a break from it while I worked on other projects.
Recently I’ve come back to it and decided it looked quite a bit like a rocket engine, I went ahead and started adding things like the engine bell and the pipes and little bits here and there and its starting to look pretty decent, of course it’s still got a ways to go in terms of detail and complexity but I’m pretty excited about how its looking.


That’s very cool looking!

I can imagine a series of those mounted on a space vehicle via swivel devices of some sort…

amazing artwork!