Sci fi ship texturing

Hi what is the best way to emulate this style of texturing in blender its something iv never done before so need a lot of explaining to the approach as I’m only used to zbrush poly paint, I also want my ship to have lots of tiny lights on it to everywhere where all tiny windows would be etc. (ignore interior shot only doing exterior)

Thank you

Texturing is only a small part of getting that effect. Modeling the mesh and adding geometry is what makes it work…
Overall a simple tiled material with different versions of color etc. as well as Roughness, Specular and Normal Maps, is a way to go…

as far as the lights, I actually add mesh objects where I want them and apply an emissive shader. And I vary size shapes and colors on groups of them.


What would be the quickest way to add the meshes in a whole bunch like that so stick tit he surface and follow the base mesh, obvs not going to dragon and drop 1000 tiny cubes lol thank you BTW

Particle system would be one way to do that.

As for the detail, i mentioned the displacement method in your other thread and managed to find the thread where it is tested in detail:

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Look up discombobulator :+1:

Well when Modeling the object, that is figured in, as it is comprised of mirrored objects as well as arrays. So, as far as dropping ( Planes, not cubes) on a small section is only a small number, say 10, and when put together it might equal 100…

A small section of the ship shown above, which was also modeled in smaller sections and joined… I also have to say, I have many Blend Files that are comprised of just Greebles that I can append and use, but you have to find or build, making collections to use later.

Discombobulator, Displacement, and Particles are all good options and are also used as @Rhen @GrimZA have said … I prefer to have more control.