Sci-fi spaceship short animation. Blender 3.0 + EEVEE

FELBER is a 2020 space ship design made for a NISSAN Latam Contest.
It was modelled in Rhinoceros; shading, animation and environment was made in Blender 3.0; and rendered in EEVEE.
Nebulas are volumes with procedural textures, and asteroids are hair particles.
Light flares were adeed in AE 2019.
Music: We Are the Visitors by Curved Mirror / Epidemic Sound.

some previous concept art and sketches




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Thanks ozgur!!!

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An wide open shot that I used in my youtube channel.

You’re getting better results from Eevee than I do. I need to spend more time learning how to get the best from Eevee so I can take advantage of its faster rendering. So far I have tended to use Cycles all the time because it’s easier to get decent lighting. That’s fine when creating a still but for animation I would like to be able to use Eevee sometimes. This project shows me that it will be worth the effort; motivation renewed, thank you!

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