Sci-fi Trailer and call for help!

Ok so jumbled up some of the live action/animated footage I’ve shot for a sci-fi short film ‘Effigy Road’. Spreading the word first off.

Second is another call for help/support. There is gonna be a lot of visual effects and my Bleneder skills are limited. I’m worried that the CG will look too fake. Big issue is texturing/Rendering. Well you can judge in the trailer:

Let me know what ye think


Ur music muffles the voices. Take a look at a movie trairer, and you will see that whenever there is a conversation, the music volume is lowered, and when the talking stops the music volume is turned up again. Now in the actual movies, when there is a talking scene, the music is quiet, or if it is an action scene people yell.

Now maybe turn down the specularity on your statue just a bit?
I like the overall colors of the movie

Very cool! I wish you luck with this.

Any specific info on what help you need? The trailer looks interesting.

Yeh it was something I put together yesterday. Will be getting pro sound guys in to fix it up on the film itself.

Help wise, well its got a heavy post slate in terms of visual effects. One of my worries is not reaching that photo-real state. I’d could really help with the texturing and rendering end of things. Rendering as in outside the blender render engine.

Modelling i can do myself no problem but if there’s any concepts out there i’d jump at taking a look. I need an alien species or race. Again I can do it but my imagination in original art is one of my weaknesses. I’ve also smoke and fire sims to create, an alien ‘arena’, jet fighters, missiles, a car exploding, a destroyed town, cars and houses… yes there’s more. Then compositing, keying, colouring, matte painting, digital painting etc

Oh plus aena ‘monster’. But yeh if anyone feels like helping out I’d be grateful

@Dundaglan - five *'s for your short trailer. I wish I was able to help in some way, but my time is pressed at the moment and I just can’t spare anything for you. I wish you all the sucess though.

Cheers kbot. Shame but I understand. Na the call is for people with time to spare. Big undertaking for one man

Still looking

anyone wanna create alien arena? Alien dino? Alien?

checkout trailer above

This is really good. Im not commenting on the monster towards the end (not that its bad or anything) but the trailor itself really has a professional feel to it i think. Alot of the time the shots just don’t look like shots for a movie when i see ‘home made’ movies like this, this does though.

What sort of alien arena? Do you have any rough sketches of anything?

This is well passed ‘Home made’ dude.

No don’t have any rough sketches. Was gonna dive right into it in blender. The way I work. The idea is its on a spaceship. The ‘arena’ will be where the aliens have their fun with the humans, almost like a sci-fi gladiator arena. I can forward script so you can get a better idea of what i’m talking about

and link to the updates etc:

Well its got that professional feel to it because it is a professional work i now realise. That ‘home made’ comment just came out wrong :slight_smile: Bad wording. Thanks for the PM, i’ll check everything out in detail tomorrow. Few questions too that i would like to ask.

No worries. I know what you were getting at… :slight_smile: Your renders are great, what this film needs

Chat soon, and anyone else who’s interested. Could be the start of something interesting

Well you do have something in your head right?, perhaps a rough idea of what the arena could possibly look like? can you just draw at least a reeeeealy rough sketch, i can look like 5 yr old drawing, but something to give us a start.

I tried just now - but I swear, my concept work is my weak point. Originality I could never master. Even the rough drawing is way off whats in my head! Enclosed is a concpt from the net. Love the feel to this piece of artwork. Floor should be more open and there should be stands where the crowd would sit etc

I’ll also enclose part of the script to give ye an idea:


Ben comes out of a porthole. He lands on gravel. It’s quite dark. In front of him are the feet of many people. There’s a strange noise, like the sound of a chanting crowd, but its Alien to him. He’s helped to his feet. He pushes through the people to get to the front. Here stands our SUIT we met at the beginning. He’s bloodied up, shirt dirty but he’s well alive. He’s a leader - the leader of this group of people who all stare anxiously ahead.

Opening out in front of him is an ARENA. At the end a huge gate like portcullis. Its opening. Something with teeth and an arsehole impatiently drops into the light as it tries to scuttle under the opening. The crowd go wild.

The suit orders the group to attack. They do so. Bill is dazed and confused. He is suddenly covered in light. He looks up. A massive dome on the top of the room reveals the Earth. Wherever he is, he’s orbiting the Earth from space.