Scientific/technical 3d illustrator (full-time, Geneva, Switzerland)


the Blue Brain Project is a Swiss based research initiative which aims to simulate the mouse brain in a biologically accurate way using a supercomputer. The new insights gathered from this simulation can be applied to advance the fields of medicine and robotics. We are looking for technical or scientific 3D artists to create photorealistic 3D content related to the brain and biological neural networks for both scientific papers and media meant for the general public.

The 3D content is a mix of real-time, interactive3D and offline rendered 3D images and animations for both immersive stereoscopic displays and 2D screens. We mainly use Blender and Cycles in our 3D pipeline, but you can use your own favourite tools if you want. We are also building our own in-house photorealistic ray tracing engine (called Brayns) to render large scale brain data on a huge 40 megapixel screen. You can see some screenshots of Brayns below.

Preferred skills and knowledge:

  • Strong interest in science, preferably neuroscience
  • Experience with design principles
  • Experience with handling scientific 3d data
  • Experience with Blender (or Maya, Cinema 4D or similar software)
  • Knowledge of Python scripting to automate tasks
  • Animation rendering is a plus
  • Photorealistic rendering is a plus

We offer a very modern office environment with world class research equipment ( Campus Biotech in Geneva ) located in a beautiful region with views on the Alps and the Mont Blanc.

Please note: this is an onsite full-time or part-time position on our campus in Geneva. Relocation to Switzerland or France (our office is only 5 km from the French border) is required.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

Real-time photorealistic rendering test on our 40 megapixel screen:

A bunch of 3D neurons rendered with Brayns, our in-house photorealistic ray tracing based rendering engine, with defocus blur and global illumination:

PM sent.

Hello , i live in Bern but I have no problem with commute. I am sending you a PM!