Scifi Gun

Here is a couple hours of work.


How do you do that?

The weight under the gun is a curve extracted several times toward a point. The piece above it is a duplication of the top faces of the weight. The front is two pieces. Both are results of extruding a circle, reshaping, removing unnecessary parts and filling it the gaps. the corner of the front piece had to be done by eye. The rivets are extruded circles and the inlets is a separate mesh with faceloops around each extrusion.


That did not help me.
I’ve only ever made one thing from my own design, it was actually also a scifi gun. But mine was pretty much just a block. I’m not on this level.

Is this the whole thing (is there a handle in the back or something?)? Or will there be more added. The detail is awesome!

I’m actually working off of concept art. Here is a little more work. Anyone have any ideas for materials?


Well… it is sci-fi so some bright lights and popping colors. I think one place you can place the lights would be in the depressions, the dents like near the barrel (areas circled in yellow). The green neon looks sweet. But be careful, you don’t want to give a cheesy cliche look. Like too many conflicting colors which make no damn sense.

The area circled in red could be one of those caution buttons with red and white strips representing the safety or the power cell release.

The area in blue could be part of the holographic targeting sight and the area in green could have a holographic sight.

For materials maybe some shine. A matte finish can look good too, experiment around.

Hope it helps; good luck!

Just my opinion: I’d keep the lights to a minimum, just critical indicators for important information preferably facing the operator only and not easily visible from the side, or at all from in front. Keep it tactical haha…

Anyway, it’s hard to get a good look at the trigger guard from this angle it looks a little small and a little low on the grip (like where your middle/ring finger would be instead of where your index finger would be). Maybe move it up into the body of the gun? By which I mean get rid of the ring shape entirely and move the trigger up to where that straight line at the bottom of the gun that extends back from the weight to the grip actually forms the bottom of the trigger guard. If that made any sense?